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Class 15: Bags specially adapted for holding musical instruments; Bags and cases specially adapted for holding or carrying drumsticks; Bamboo flutes; Bandonions; Barrel organs; Bows for musical instruments; Buccins; Carillons; Cases for musical instruments; Castanets; Catgut for musical instruments; Clarionets; Double basses; Drums; Drumsticks; Electronic musical instruments; Electronic musical keyboards; Flutes; Guitar accessories, namely, guitar slides; Guitar straps; Guitars; Handbells; Harmonicas; Harps; Horns; Keyboard instruments; Melodicas; Mouthpieces for musical instruments; Music boxes; Music pitch pipes; Music synthesizers; Musical instrument accessories, namely, stands, cases, carrying bags and storage bags; Musical instrument stands; Musical instruments; Musical instruments, namely, hat with bell; Musical instruments, namely, guzheng; Musical instruments, namely, suona; Organs; Pedals for musical instruments; Pegs for musical instruments; Percussion instruments; Percussion instruments, namely, wooden knocker; Piano keyboards; Piano keys; Piano strings; Pianos; Picks for stringed instruments; Plectrums; Saxophones; Sheet music stands; Stands for musical instruments; String instruments; Stringed musical instruments; Strings for musical instruments; Triangles; Trumpets; Tubular bells; Tuners for electronic musical instruments; Tuners for musical instruments; Tuning forks; Turning apparatus for sheet music; Violins; Wind instruments; Wind pipes for organs; Zithers


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